Smart solutions Refrigerator

Active Dual Cooling

ctive Dual Cooling system guarantees optimum performance. To create better conditions for food storage, temperature and the refrigerator compartment humidity level should differ from the freezer compartment. Fruits and vegetables stored in the refrigerator require a high humidity level; by cons, the excess moisture can have an adverse effect on the items stored in the freezer compartment.

Active Fresh Blue Light™

Thanks to Beko active fresh blue light technology the process of photosynthesis continues in the fridge which prolongs the storage life of fresh fruit and vegetables while maintaining their natural flavours and nutritional elements.

Active Odour Filter

This filters the circulated cool air inside the refrigerator and eliminates unwanted odours and bacteria to help keep the food inside fresh.

Antibacterial Door Handle

With the help of a special anti-bacterial seal coated on the door handles, the most important contact points remains bacteria-free.

Cooling Fan

Thanks to the fan in the fridge section of selected Beko fridge freezers, cold air will be circulated in the fridge more evenly, thus ensuring a better cooling performance.